All the crisis going through nations always derive from denials of justice and from a wrong balance of rights and duties.

Each time women are allowed to speak out, a revolution arises, a progressive and peaceful one.

Our differences make us richer, they cannot drive us apart but, on the contrary, they must unite us. Our goal is to put together what is scattered, and according to the principles of Free Masonry to achieve unity in diversity.

All these stars, from the most beautiful to the humblest, have the same importance, just like each human being, who is unique, has inside

her/his part of light. 

In these days, when society is drawn more and more by private profits and tends to individualism verging on selfishness, wishing to develop projects which can only exist thanks to common will and everybody’s commitment, without lucrative or profane goal is something nearing utopia.

We repeat that women’s inferiority is not a fact of nature, it is a human invention, a social fiction.

Creative civilizations have always been civilizations of meeting points of different traditions, enlightenment comes when ideas collide.

In our obedience, the image of one link in the chain is very specific, very egalitarian because it stresses solidarity, the work of each and all of us and their responsibility in the common task.

The September 11th tragedy urges us to face ourselves closely, to surpass ourselves in the capacity to hold out against the horror and our declared enemy: blind fanaticism. The wave of emotion and discouragement must be overcome by the will to go on keeping up our humanistic ideal.

Let our work be plenty of drive and confidence, critical mind and vigilance, wittiness and good mood.

A woman free mason could be described as having her feet on the ground, love in her heart and her head in the stars.

Masons' words