Verzoek van de vijf Belgische liberale maçonnieke Obediënties (pdf)

aan Mevrouw Sophie Wilmès, Vicepremier en Minister van Buitenlandse zaken

betreffende Dr. Ahmadreza DJALALI


The CLIMAF supports Freedom of Expression, socle of a democratic society

On Friday evening, 16 October 2020, a French history teacher was beheaded for illustrating his lecture on freedom of expression and freedom of the press with cartoons of the prophet. Threats had been made on social media to put pressure on this teacher who exercised his profession honestly and lectured on our democratic values. CLIMAF, the International Liaison Centre for Women's Masonry, bringing together 9 women's jurisdictions and nearly 20,000 Sisters, acknowledged that the fundamental values of democracy and freedom of expression are once again under attack.

CLIMAF supports French citizens and unconditionally defends the emancipation process, of which the school is the pivot. The mission of the school -in any society- is to teach free inquiry, to prepare each citizen to think for himself, to develop a critical mindset, and to refuse any attempt to be intimidated by propaganda.

To be indignant, to denounce is no longer enough. There is an urgent need to unite against obscurantism to protect those who defend democratic values on a daily basis.

The Woman Freemasons of the CLIMAF jurisdictions continue to work together to defend the values of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, so that - all together - we can live in peace and harmony.

Kris Dejonckheere, President of CLIMAF

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